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trady.io is a cryptocurrency trading company established during the first quarter of 2017.

We assist our investors in getting the most out of their investment.
In the last month, we have made around 10% profit a day by using our state of the art trading algorithm!

Built for You. Managed by Us.

Our investment service can be broken down into two separate but equally important parts.

1. We build your portfolio.

We give you access to all major cryptocurrencies, with an investment universe covering more than 100 cryptocoins. We use only the most profitable strategies that we rigorously select for you.

2. We continually manage the risk in your portfolio.

We monitor the risk of the investments in your portfolio on a daily basis. When our investment model anticipates a breach of your risk tolerance we adjust your holdings. The result is a smoother investment performance and a better risk-adjusted return.

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